Our History

Wayne Hummer & Company was founded in 1931 by Wayne Hummer and George Barnes. They were intent upon building a firm which bankers and their customers could turn to with confidence for investment service. In February of 2018, in an effort to continue the same founding principle of placing the interests of clients first, Hummer Mower Associates LLC was founded. The drive to be your trusted partner and fiduciary is imbedded in our history. See below to learn about the journey that brought us together.

February 11, 1931

Wayne Hummer & Co. founded

In the face of the deepening depression of the 1930s, Wayne Hummer and George Barnes founded the stock exchange firm of Wayne Hummer & Co. in Chicago, as they saw the need for a service firm that could provide small and medium-sized banks sound, long range investment advice. A founding principle was that the firm would not engage in the underwriting of new issues of stocks and bonds and that it would not inventory securities for resale, thus avoiding possible conflict of interest. It would act only as agent and it would recommend a “buy and hold” approach to investments in the strongest companies. This approach naturally extended to retail investors

January 18, 1932

First Market Letter

The Market Letter was published eight times a year and contained comments on the stock and bond markets including recommendations from the research department and financial planning articles that helped inform investors of current trends in the marketplace.


William B. Hummer (older brother of Philip) returned from the US Army, was admitted as partner, and became the editor of the Bank Bond Comment Letter.


Philip Hummer joins the firm, becoming a partner in 1960.

June 19, 1989

Becky Parr joins Wayne Hummer & Co. as Philip Hummer’s Administrative Assistant.


William Hummer wins the Blue Chip Forecasting award.

Philip Hummer becomes Chairman of the Executive Committee.

June 1998

Grove Mower joins Wayne Hummer & Co. as VP of Business Development.


Grove joins Philip and Becky, forming the Hummer Mower team.

February 2002

Wintrust buys Wayne Hummer & Co., later known to be Wintrust Wealth Management.

July 2007

Ryan Ross joins the Wayne Hummer 18-month training and development program.

June 2008

Ryan joins the Hummer Mower Team.

January 2017

Chapin Mower joins the Hummer Mower Team.

February 16, 2018

Hummer Mower Associates is founded with David Cox joining the team.

January 2020

Jonathan Harper joins the HMA Team.